The Coroners Procedure


Should the doctor feel unable to issue a certificate of cause of death, the Coroner will be notified. In these cases the coroner issues a certificate in place of the doctor’s certificate and sends it to the Registrars office to enable you to register the death.

It is important to remember that if a post-mortem examination is required, a minimum of five working days should be allowed before the date of the funeral service.

When registering the death, the Coroners certificate (pink) which will replace the medical certificate (C) will be delivered to the Registrar. You should then make your appointment with the registrars office.

For cremation, the registrar will not issue a green certificate. The Coroner will issue a Coroners Order (form 6 – Yellow) for cremation.

We will collect the certificate from the Coroners on your behalf.

What We Provide

Below you’ll find everything you need to make this process as easy as possible, from further info and a look around our premises, to a selection of memorial tributes and coffin selection. Again, if there is anything we can assist with or you need to speak to someone, please Contact Us

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Our Services

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Pre-Payment Plans

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Paying For The Funeral

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Coroners Procedure

everything you need to know about the coroners procedure

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What to do when someone dies

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Registering A Death

everything you need to know about registering a death

We provide a full range of funeral vehicles including the Traditional Luxury Hearse and Limousine, Horse Drawn Carriage, Motor Bike Hearses and many other alternative modes of transport on request.

Browse our lovely collection of urns and keepsakes to create a beautiful lasting memory

A collection of exquisitely crafted urns

Traditional techniques to create a beautiful lasting tribute

Beautiful handcrafted keepsake jewellery

We can now offer you the opportunity to have your loved ones ashes scattered into space.

Ascension Flights is the premier space scattering service. Created by the world’s leading Near Space flight experts, our flight system carries the ashes to the edge of space and scatters them in a gentle cascade using our unique, purpose-designed scattering device.

Carried around the world by stratospheric winds, they will circle through the heavens before finally returning to Earth in rainfall and snowflakes.

The ascent and moment of release can even be captured on video and made into a beautiful memorial film for you to treasure and share.

Contact us for more information or to arrange for your loved ones ashes to be scattered into space.

Note that clicking on anything below will take you to the Centrepiece Coffins website, do scroll down to see the selection and view anything you’re interested in. Just hit the back button in your browser a few times to come back to this page.

Useful Information

Having worked in this sector since he was 18, Jeremy decided to start up on his own with the focus being on the needs of the people and making affordable and respectful funerals available to everyone.

Jeremy’s parents have always been very prominent members of the community. His mother was the GP in Maltby, Braithwell, Bramley, Ravenfield and Wickersley.

Jeremy is now heavily involved in the community, having been a school governor for many years, a hospice trustee, a director of Morthyng Employment Training and a supporter of local churches and charities.

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The registrar requires a few documents:

A. Birth or marriage certificate of the deceased.
B. Medical Card
C. Medical certificate of the cause of death

Please do contact us with any queries.

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Should the doctor feel unable to issue a certificate of cause of death, the Coroner will be notified. In these cases the coroner issues a certificate in place of the doctor’s certificate and sends it to the Registrars office to enable you to register the death.

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Many people worry about paying the funeral account, please don’t. The first thing to remember is that we will pay on your behalf any disbursements (costs) incurred in the arranging and carrying out of the funeral and then include these on the funeral account which you will receive approximately one week after the funeral has taken place. The account will include a due date, this is the date the account should be settled without prior arrangement.

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Details for the regions Registrar offices and Crematoriums can be found below, further down the page.

We provide a full and comprehensive range of funeral services from the Basic Simple Funeral as determined by the NAFD to Traditional funerals with wood veneer, solid wood or wicker coffins and alternative funerals to meet the needs and wishes of our families.

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Living in the community in which we serve, Jeremy Neal Independent Funeral Directors understand that the rising cost of funerals is becoming very much prohibitive to many families. It is for this reason we have designed the ‘SIMPLE CHOICE FUNERAL’ an all-inclusive cremation service at an affordable price.

Useful Contacts

Rotherham, Sheffield & Doncaster Coroners Office
  • Registrars Office Rotherham
  • Riverside House
    Main St
    S60 1AE
  • 01709 823542

  • Registrars Office Sheffield
  • The Town Hall
    Pinstone St.
    S1 2HH
  • 0114 203 9423

  • Registrars Office Doncaster
  • Civic Office
    DN1 3BU
  • 01302 364922

  • Rotherham Crematorium
  • Ridgeway
    East Herringthorpe
    S65 3NN
  • 01709 850344