Registering a death

Certificates & Information required by the Registrar

A. Birth or marriage certificate of the deceased.
B. Medical Card
C.Medical certificate of the cause of death (given by the doctor).

NOTE: If you do not have the certificate detailed A & B above do not worry. The death can still be registered. They are required only for information and confirmation.

1. Full name of deceased, including maiden names (where applicable)
2. National Insurance number.
3. Age, date and place of birth.
4. Date and place of death.
5. Home address of the deceased.
6. Employment History.

NB. An appointment to visit the Registrar is now required. Please see the contacts option at the bottom of the Advice page for the telephone number and address.

When registering the death, the registrar will issue the following documentation:

1. The Registrars Certificate for Burial or Cremation (Green Form). This certificate gives the Authority for the funeral to take place and must be delivered to the funeral director as soon as possible.
2. A certificate of Registration and Notification of death. This certificate is needed in order to claim benefits from the department of work and pensions.
3. A certified Copy of the Entry in the Register. Subsequent copies may be purchased at this time and will be required by Banks, Building Societies, Insurance companies or any financial institutions the deceased may have dealings with.


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